For the Men…or should I say Boys

Oh where do I even begin?? I decided to write this blog since I’ve had the joy of online dating and meeting these men…or shall I say boys. Its so unbelievable what I have come across, how does a human act like this…and some even have daughters! To me that would make a guy treat a woman with a little more respect…but NOPE!! So let dive right in…and this one is for the guys! I’m hoping they will read this and maybe learn a thing or two about women 🙂


Don’t men realize they will get sooooo much if they just act like a common human, with common curtsy, and respect. That us women are about how you make us feel. If you are attentive, with good morning text, just saying hi call’s or text, asking how our day was and actually listening. Making us feel like a priority not a “have to so I can get laid” girl. Simple gestures like placing your hand on the small of our back, making eye contact when we speak, opening doors (yes men its ok, some of us women still like chivalry)  This day in age with all the technology there’s no reason to not hear from someone. except that person just really doesn’t like you. Now I’m not talking during the times people work, but lets get real if you really like someone you men will find what ever time to contact them, keep them interested, let them know you want them and not just sexually.

Here’s where online dating has it issues, you see a guy…hmmm sees cute from his pictures, I like his bio and he wrote something…ok I’ll swipe…oh look we match! Cool…message Hello…two things happen 1. NOTHING…whats the point of matching if you aren’t going to reply.  2. They message back, now here’s where it gets good. Message will go back and forth then after about 5 to 10 messages back and forth, either the conversation gets boring or they send a dick pic!! GUYS GUYS GUYS…if you can’t hold a conversation via messenger/text how are you going to be able to speak in person? and STOP SENDING UNINVITED DICK PICTURES…it makes you look like a asshole. We don’t want them…sure maybe down the line when some sort of relationship has been established, but not when we don’t even know you…cuz let me tell you I stopped talking to guys because they sent it and honestly it wasn’t because I got the picture but it was because of the size! Yep I said it…and I don’t care size does matter. And let me tell you us women do talk. 3edc01586b137025bd7c45927b28d501

Lets get to the double standard of dating…Why is it ok for men to “look” and decide but not ok for a woman? What I mean by this is men look to see if they are attracted to a woman and then pursue her…when a woman does it she’s shallow (according to men well and some women) Now I’m not putting everyone in this category because we are all attracted to our own individual taste but don’t go and sit there and say looks don’t matter..BULLSHIT!!! Because where it isn’t the deciding factor, there had to have been something attractive visually for you to want to pursue further in getting to know the person. Now once that happens then their personality and traits will either rocket them to extreme hotness or make them complete douches. Men something you also need to know…how you take care of yourself DOES MATTER, from your skin, hair, nails…personally I don’t want you to be “prettier” than me but dear God have some respect for yourself and your appearance. Take a look in the mirror. And I’m not talking just physically…I don’t expect a perfect body, but I’m also am not attracted to overweight men, some women are and I’m sure they will message you…but not me. Don’t get mad at me if your pictures are all jacked up and I choose not to reply to your message. Although I do think I may become brutally honest…think I may just try to save some of these men from themselves. I have been called shallow, and “to bad I don’t look with my heart instead of my eyes”, that I’m angry and bitter and a pessimist. Usually I ignore the messages…but when the same guy messages me over three times I finally say something…even to the point where I have had to block some men. Looks it just as important to women as it is to men, we all have our own taste, but something physically has to create a spark of interest. Men are you not getting attention, then time to change things up. That’s not to say I haven’t met some great guys…but there just wasn’t anything there that made me want to keep seeing them…aka they became “the friend zone”61a679c0bb415989056010a4746fd5b1


Now lets talk about these online profiles LMAO…oh and some of them do! Some also make me scratch my head wondering what the hell these men are thinking! If you have a profile with no picture…then there isn’t a chance in hell. If you have a profile with 1 or 2 almost professional pictures…you’re probably fake. But what gets me is men who have pictures up of them with another guy that’s better looking LOL…I mean can I message you and ask who the guy is on the right? Stop with all the “action” pictures…ok we get it you like to hike and skydive…but I can’t see your face in the pictures. And if you have kids great, mention them in your bio but why is every picture with your kids? If you don’t have kids stop using other peoples kids in your pictures, it could potentially scare off the girl of your dreams! And last…why are you putting pictures up with you hanging all over scantily clad women, or any woman…except maybe your mother? That right there just shows you are a douche!!

Don’t sit there and say you are looking for a relationship when truly you are only looking for a friend with benefits…and you know what that’s ok, there are women out there who that’s all they want…I was that girl at one point. But when I say “I’m not looking for a FWB, that I’m ready to find someone to be in a relationship with” don’t fucking lie to me and tell me the same thing, because I can smell bullshit!! If you truly meant it then I would hear from you more then every 24-48 hours. You would ask me how my day is, ask me on dates, not just ask me “what color of underwear I’m wearing” or “what my favorite sexual position is”. I can read between the lines, and I may just play along for a little while, but when its all said and done you’re ass will be ghosted!! If a man truly wants me, and is interested in me there is nothing stopping him from reaching out and letting me know. Its takes two seconds to send a text. No excuses not to hear from someone these days.

Guys, believe it our not we are really simple creatures…tell us we are beautiful and feed us tacos!! Haa Haa All kidding aside, we are wanting a man who treats us with respect! Simple. I mentioned it earlier that you would think men with daughters would know how to teat a woman…since well he is raising one…I was shocked at how untrue that is. On the that note, I wont completely forget to blame the women…there are bad women out there and its giving us good women a bad name! Women have some self respect please!!

So lets break this down..

  1. We are not all interested in Dick Pics
  2. Have decent pictures, be proud of who you are
  3. Say more than one word answers
  4. Treat us with respect…chivalry isn’t dead
  5. Don’t expect us to have a perfect body if you don’t
  6. Stop lying about all the adrenaline activities you do, lets get real we all like the couch and tv
  7. Clean yourself up, have some self respect and worth.
  8. Pay attention to what you are saying, would you want someone saying that to your daughter or sister?
  9. Women like to be pursued!! Simple…its human nature, Men hunt = Men pursue
  10. Tell the truth, because its all going to come out eventually.

So as crazy as this online dating is I will continue, will I meet the man of my dreams, who knows…what I do know is I get a good laugh every couple days!! Just need to get though all those frogs before I find my prince. I have faith, and I have hope! Flamingo kisses prince


Expectation of Others

Oh this is going to be a big one…hit in the gut one…The expectation of others and how to not be disappointed…something that has hit close to home lately and I’m trying real hard to smile through it all.

So we are taught to never do something for someone and expect something in return, but how much is too much? When you feel that all you do is give, support, encourage and then when the tables are turned and you get nothing back…how do you not get disappointed and a little jagged?

You start to feel guilty for even feeling this way, how selfish of me, how childish of me…but isn’t it ok to put your feeling first sometimes? Why am I sacrificing my emotional health for people who don’t care about how I feel.  0457f6458e89a4436c4b057dcb874373

I feel more and more that people only care about themselves, they have forgotten the value of a caring word, a simple gesture, a quick hello.

The key is to not expect anything anymore and then you wont be disappointment. And that is such a negative and dark way to live, but at the same time it saves you lots of heartache.

Or you continually accept their excuses and apologies but the same thing keeps happening, this affects friendships not just relationships. When do you say enough is enough?  How many times are you going to let someone disappoint you, pretty much lie to you…and are they really your friend?


As events in my life happen, and as I get shall you say older and wiser…I am noticing my circle is becoming smaller and smaller. Sure I have many acquaintances…but truly only a handful of real friends, some I’ve known for a long time and a couple new friends all I have a great connection with.

I have a big heart, and I know I need to stop thinking people will react as I would, or say what I would say. This is a flaw of mine, but when times get tough, or you need a shoulder to cry on a friend should be there no questions asked. These friends just do without asking. e4ba8bbc1d6516e2a24e5827f27368c0

Moving forward I’m going to value and appreciate those who are there for me, and not just when its convent for them. I’m going to continue to love and cherish my friends, and start to back away from the hurt and disappointment of the others. With all the technology there’s no excuses for me not to reach out and be there for people in my circle, and to show with actions and not just words. I’m not going to let myself fall in the trap of excuses and I’m sorry’s. I’m still going to be me, I’m just going to do my best to not let the actions of others affect me emotionally.  I will continue to treat others how I want to be treated, I just wont have the expectations that they will do the same.

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Keep going…

We are all striving for better, something more, something long lasting….but there’s obstacles that seem to disrupt the path…don’t stop KEEP GOING…

Have you ever been going along with you life, no major issues, no concerns, just smooth and BAM!!! Like you were hit by a Mac truck and a tornado all at once!!! Yep me too…but don’t let that stop you from where you were going, what your goals are or from totally giving up.

Sometimes we need to have things shaken up to help us see whats real after, help us prioritize, help us to slow down. I have been through a lot off things, some that came from out in left field…complete slap in the face incidences. But after the storm passed and I was back on track I realized that maybe that was supposed to happen, for the “soul” purpose of learning a lesson.

I have found that the saying “two steps forward, one step back” can be a great thing…Its not saying you fail or that you should quit, but that something you are moving too fast and you need to slowdown and listen to life and learn. When I start thinking of where I want to be by “this” time that’s when I start to stress, start to worry, even settle for less than I deserve.

Never look back they say…well why not? Shouldn’t we be looking at our past trials, mistakes, and triumphs and learn from them, learn what not to do and what to continue doing for the future? Now lets not dwell on the past…that will get you nowhere, but I think there is something strong in facing what you went through good and bad and learning from that.

There are things and people who coming into our lives not to always stay there, but to show us a lesson to learn. That friend who’s not anymore…teaching you about trust, that great guy that well… there was just no chemestry…teaches you not to settle. That job that just doesn’t quite pay enough…teaches you to be thankful for what you do have.  Something good always comes out of something bad, you may not see it now…but when you look back you will see it, another reason why looking back can be a good thing.

I know for me I believe these hills, hiccups, set-backs are a way for me to stop and reevaluate myself, my goals, my future. And no, not to completely change what I want out of life, but for me to prioritize how I’m going to achieve them.

So whether its your job, your love life, your finances stop rushing, focus and prioritize. They don’t say “steady wins the race” for nothing. Pay attention to what’s going on in the now, what your life is teaching you now. If you end up taking a few steps back, that’s ok…as long as you keep moving forward!


My 2017 year in review…

Oh boy was this a crazy year…hang on for a very bumpy, curvy and shocking blog…..

It started off with FREEDOM…freedom from my now ex-husband, he finally had moved out of the house December 2016…January 2017 was the start to rebuild me.  I was feeling great, working out, gained self-confidence again…house was in harmony. I gained an amazing roommate who has turned into a great friend, I was working a job that I truly loved…things were finally falling into place….boy was I wrong!!!  God apparently had more lessons for me to learn…mind, body and soul…people and trials.


The first big smack in the face came in March…my heart decided to let me know all the crap I had put it through and dealt with these last few years…BAM!! HEART ATTACK, at age 42 WTF…this wasn’t happening to me. At first I thought I was just having a panic attack or anxiety attack since I had been getting them the last couple years, but it had been a few months. So I did my typical breathing, stretching…nothing was helping the pain in my chest was nothing like I had felt before. I had become nauseous, clammy, sweaty and felt like 1000 pounds of pressure was pushing on my chest. Luckily my roommate had just pulled up in the driveway and I told her to call 911. The firemen show up and OF COURSE every single one of them is good looking…because life is funny that way!!

I get the hospital and they run test to see what it was, what was going on with my heart. There are cells in our heart that if the heart gets damaged they get released into our blood stream…well when they took my blood and tested it, the numbers were a tiny bit high…so I had to wait three hours to run the test again, if the numbers go down I could go home, if the numbers were high I had to stay over night and run more tests.

LUCKY ME!!! My numbers sky rocketed!! Soooo more test, this on involved dye being inserted into my artery through my groin….yep! Keep in mind my blood pressure and heart rate are extremely abnormal right now….so because my heart rate was to LOW they couldn’t give me the full dose of medicine to help numb the area for the catheter that would be going in my artery…and per the doctor I have abnormally small arteries…WHICH ALL EQUALS OUCH!!  After running the dye through my arteries and veins, good news I have no buildup or blockage and it wasn’t a heart attack…it was Takotsubo carediomyopathy (say that three times) or also known as “heartbreak syndrome” WTF but I didn’t have a broken heart…I was the happiest I had been in years!! Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the left ventricle, the heart’s main pumping chamber, usually as the result of severe emotional or physical stress…STRESS…this was all caused by stress. My heart was finally able to tell me the damage I had caused it over the last few years. Besides my mom and my son…3 people came to see me at the hospital…3!!!

For one week after I literally couldn’t do anything but sit on the couch, I physically could feel the bruising of my heart muscle…almost the same feeling as when you get a charlie horse and after it goes away your muscle is sore…that’s how my heart felt.  I felt so helpless and I hated it, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t do anything around the house, I was told I couldn’t workout for 6 months!! I was depressed.  I try to follow doctors orders as much as I possibly can…and luckily after only 3 months I was giving 100% clearance from the cardiologist…I can resume normal life…BUT I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS ANY MORE.

Middle of the year and my life was still being tested, tossed around, I find myself having to make choices I never thought I’d make!!

Summer of 2017 was pretty amazing and bitter sweet, I visited my bff  in CA (wish I could go more often) and visited my hometown Prescott. I took my son to San Francisco and we had an amazing trip and I finally got to meet my Facebook friend, my peanut butter to my jelly 🙂 and found myself looking for a new job. The job I was at didn’t need me anymore and I was pretty disappointed after all I felt I had done, but there wasn’t anything else I could do so I ventured out into the medical field and left the gym life. I do miss the gym life though, helping people better them selves, but now I’m helping people in a different way and I have benefits and 401K aka an adult job 😉

Dating…where do I start!! Not sure if you read my blog “Dating after Divorce” but it still is pretty much the same. ITS SUCKS!! Guys think we are complicated…ummm at least we know what we want, ok I know what I want. Guys on the other had say one thing and do the complete OPPOSITE!! Blows my mind and makes me crazy. Guys will really say things you want to hear just to reel you in then “haaa haaa, just kidding I don’t want anything serious, I’m not ready for a relationship…blah blah blah” I’m pretty upfront and honest with guys I meet, I am looking for that someone, someone to spend time with, do things with, relax with…have a relationship with. I’m not going to wait for you to “fit me into your life” If you like me you should want me there when ever possible. Yep I require a lot of attention, doesn’t always have to be physical attention…but a good morning text goes a long way. Knowing I’m on your mind, that you are making an effort to let me know that I’m a priority…yep that’s whats important. I will never settle for being a second thought again. I will be the first to tell you after a couple dating disasters and some major disappointments my trust level and my walls are through the roof. Please don’t take that as I’ve turned into a bitter old hag, I still have hope and I still am a hopeless romantic…BUT its gonna take someone amazing and patient and persistent to breakdown these walls. I don’t regret any decisions, or men…it just gave me a new strength, new item to add to the list and as always a lesson learned. 2018 is about protecting my heart, physically and emotionally.


There’s another big lesson I learned in 2017 and that is the meaning and loyalty of friendship….yep LOYALTY…a lot of girls have no idea what that means!! Hang on this one is gonna shock you…YOU DON’T FUCK YOUR FRIENDS EX-HUSBANDS!!!!! Yep I said it, I found out that in 2017 three…yes three of my “friends” had sex with my ex-husband and he was BRAGGING about it…and yes all three of these “girls” are friends with him on Facebook too.  One of them I have known for over 20 years!! Apparently she got mad at me for dating someone she “dated” so I guess that gave her the right to sleep with my ex. The other one, I’m kinda not surprised…even though she didn’t know him at all before me, actually threw me my divorce party….guess she got mad at me because I didn’t want to live the “drinking till drunk” lifestyle she lives but she decided to befriend him and well send nude pics and sleep with him…and apparently her BFF followed suit. My ex-maid of honor betrayed me as well, but not surprised at that one, she always liked drama and I wouldn’t put it past her to have slept with him to. I do know she and him have talked shit about me. I had someone ask me if I confronted these people…NOPE, they aren’t worth my time, my energy or my life. Sooooo with all that, do you understand why I don’t get close to people, that I have trust issues when it comes to pretty much everyone.

One great thing 2017 has brought me is a closer bond and relationship with my son. Man without this kid my life would be nothing. He make me smile, keeps my head above water and I couldn’t be more blessed to be his mom. This year he has seen me in the hospital, he’s seen me cry and heartbroken and he has seen me get up and become a better person. He is my heart, my life. He is the reason I keep striving to be a better person.

My Mom…man she’s amazing. We definitely have had our ups and downs and we don’t agree on everything but she’s my rock!! She did something that I am soooo proud of, she finally took care of herself first and retired WOOO HOOO and moved to Baja Mexico!!! She is a strong and loving person and she deserves to have the best in life and I couldn’t be happier for her in this decision, even though she’s not a car ride away anymore, she is still there for me when I need her!!

My arm                           My mom’s arm

So with all the craziness that 2017 brought to my life, I am looking forward to an amazing 2018! I have a handful of truly loyal friends, I have my son, my health (kinda lol, still need to start working out again) I have my pets, and I have God leading my way.  I will be the best version of me, I will still have bad days, but I will always GET BACK UP SWINGING!! I still have some issues, still have struggles, still am a hopeless romantic but I’m never going to stop growing and bettering myself. Cheers to 2018!!

Busy life, busy home, going crazy??!!

Oh the joys of being a mom! We need more hours, more hands, more eyes and legs! But don’t worry we all feel this way at some point. Remember you are amazing and your kids love you. I have one child who is about to start driving so I’m not as busy as I have been but I have learned to plan and prioritize. Making sure I do not just for my family but for me as an individual. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself, trust me your kids will thank you when you aren’t pulling your hair out and are relaxed 😉

I have decided to write a few life savers for me, from organization to the dreaded dinner!  Keep in mind that it’s not perfect, and I do fall from it time to time but it has kept me a float in times of need.

Start with a timeline of your week, adding everyone’s schedules including your own “mom time” even if it’s just 30 minutes a week. There are a ton of free downloadable sheets on Pinterest, or even use your computer calendar. I go as far as using an old fashion calendar on the wall that I bought from the dollar store. My work schedule is on there, my son’s scheduled on there, paydays, weekend plans etc. Share with you family the schedule, and also the “mom time” aka DO NOT DISTURB. If you have more than one child add some one-on-one time with them during the week, again as simple as 15-30 minutes of focused time. And you couples…don’t forget your dates too…this is very important.  After you have put in place schedules, then add the household chores and shopping. The day you pick your grocery shopping is the day you should do your weekly meal planning.

On to meal planning…what to make and how much time is always an issue. I have chosen to share a few of my favorite go-to meals. Easy and very delicious. One tip when I choose my weekly meal plan I look to see what is on sale and go from there, I keep my food budget around $80 a week. This includes breakfast, snacks and dinners, for about 5 days. I leave a couple of days for left overs and a day I call “fend for yourself”. This could be perfect for taking your “mom time” 🙂

Baked Spaghetti. My sons favorite! Yes simple and easy.
Choose a sauce your family likes, mine does NOT like chunky lol.
I use a veggie noodle or a gluten-free noodle
I buy 1 lb of sweet Italian sausage and 1 lb of lean ground beef or turkey
Shredded cheddar cheese

Cook the sausage and beef together, adding some Italian seasoning and garlic powder. Cook the noodles as directed on the package.
Once they are all cooked and drained mixed the meat and noodles together, adding some cheddar cheese. Place it all in a baking dish and then top with more cheddar cheese. Bake till hot and melted!

Nothing fancy but super easy and simple. To make it even easier, prep as above in a disposable pan, cover and freeze. When ready move from the freezer and place in the oven till hot all the way through.

Shredded Chicken Tacos
This one is really easy and probably my favorite. I make more than needed so I have extra chicken for my lunches. 2 simple steps…1. add chicken to your crock-pot 2. Pour a jar of salsa over the chicken! That’s it 🙂 I do low for 8 hours, so its slow cooking all day long. Shred the chicken and make your tacos. I use the chicken and add brown rice and vegetables or add it to a salad and I have a couple lunches as well. I recommend 4 chicken breast (thick) to a jar of salsa. You choose what ever salsa you like. I have even used green verde.

Melt in your mouth…Crock pot Pot Roast
Super easy and super amazing!!!

  • 1 packet Gravy, dry Brown
  • 1 packet Salad dressing – italian, dry
  • 1 packet Salad dressing – ranch, dry
  • 1/2 cup Water

Combine the Dry Ranch Dressing packet, the dry Italian Dressing and Brown Gravy packets with a 1/2 cup of water and pour over roast in a crock pot.  Another low for 8 hours. Serve with what ever your family desires!!


Here are a few simple snacks to go that we love here:

  1. Grapes…I buy both red and green, clean and then divide all the grapes into baggies so they are easy to grab and snack
  2. Meat and Cheese…thinly sliced turkey and thinly sliced cheese (your choice) thin enough so you can roll them up. Put about 2-3 rolls in baggies, easy to go snack
  3. I love the Smart Pop white cheddar popcorn, but to keep me from eating the whole bag LOL again I divide it up into individual baggies. This is also cheaper than buying the already individual bags.
  4. Apples and peanut butter, my favorite. I cut the apples and put in baggies and I have small individual serving Tupperware that I put the peanut butter in.


Salad in a Jar 🙂 Most people who know me know I love my salad in a jar. You can prep 5 at a time for the week.

  1. Start with your favorite dressing
  2. Add your salad ingredients (wettest to driest)
  3. top with greens, pack in tight and put the mason jar lid on.

There’s no real recipe because it all depends on what you like in your salad.
Some ingredient ideas:
tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, asparagus, celery, peppers, carrots
mushrooms, zucchini, beans, lentils, peas, corn, broccoli
boiled eggs and cheese (feta, gouda, cheddar etc.)
rice, pasta, quinoa or couscous
nuts and greens as lettuce, spinach or arugula.


I really hope you enjoy some of these recipes and hope that the tips help to make your days a bit less hectic. Just remember you are not alone, we all feel overwhelmed sometimes, just take baby steps to getting things in order. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or say NO if something doesn’t flow well with your life. Always leave time for yourself, rest, read, meditate, listen to music, what ever you need to do to bring you peace. Stay focused on your list and your time, soon it will flow easily and gracefully. Don’t overwhelm yourself and over think the future, only work on your list and organizations a week at a time until it comes naturally. Remember baby-steps 🙂


**recipes from Pinterest…there are some amazing one’s on there 🙂

Day Trip #1

Wow what an amazing trip! Planned on making three stops and ended up making six stops. This state has so much to offer. Here was the route. Phoenix to Montezuma’s well to Montezuma’s Castle, to Page Springs winery, to Cottonwood, to Jerome, to Prescott and back down to Phoenix.  We left at 8am and were back home at 8pm. I had the best company, and I recommend traveling with people who have the same interest.

This was the first of my “one a month” day trips around AZ. And one of the best parts I didn’t have to drive so I could really enjoy the scenery and the beauty that AZ has to offer.  I packed snacks, we filled up for gas and we were off.

Montezuma’s Well. If you haven’t been there I recommend it, it’s a beautiful place. Unique and small but powerful in its presence. A single body of water, honestly not very big or deep that does sooo much. We hiked down and back up, then around the area reading about all the different vegetation. Its amazing what the desert offers.

We then headed to Montezuma’s Castle, Indian ruins…now small but before was the structure that held multiple family members. Looking at the structure trying to guess what and who lived where, making up stories of the families, amazing how they lived, simple and innovative. Walked around and then down by the creek, seeing how the Indians lived and how beautiful their surroundings.

WINE 🙂 Who knew there was wineries and vineyards in AZ 🙂 Ok a lot of people knew but I had no idea…especially that Yavapai college has their own wine and vineyard. We stopped at Page Springs, their location is absolutely beautiful, serene and relaxing. The wine…well what we sampled honestly wasn’t that good. But great company, beautiful surroundings made it worth it.

That was all we had planned for the day, Montezuma’s Well, Montezuma’s Castle and Page Springs…but we were done with all that by 1pm and we even took our time at each location. So now what…let the wind take us where ever 😉  I was surprised with a stop in Cottonwood…Yavapai College Winery! and the wine was AMAZING!!! Left here and headed to Jerome, always loved this little ghost town but this day seemed exceptionally crowded. We didn’t stay long, but did have a sample of wine.  Back on the road to Prescott and had some dinner, then took the back road through Yarnell and Skull Valley back to Phoenix. The views and sunset are always amazing in Arizona. I absolutely love them. Some of the land and houses along the way so quaint and peaceful. There are so many little places though out the state that are worth seeing as you travel the roads of Arizona.

Perfect day trip!! Next trip will be to Sedona…stay tuned 😉

Untitled drawing


Goals…a word that can be the scariest yet most rewarding, big or little goals should always be a part of our lives.  What goals do you set? Goals can work in all aspects of our lives.  I have goals for everything, daily life, long term, personal, professional…and I have learned a few things over time. 1. its ok to change goals as your life changes, 2. set small goals to complete to help keep you motivated.

When setting goals I like to start small and work my way to the bigger goals. While I have been working on my health I realized over the years I was expecting and doing to many changes all at once and then I would get discouraged and quit. So now my first goal is to work on my eating, then incorporate small exercises and work up to full time active workouts.  Its easier for my brain to focus on one step at a time, learning to walk before I run. When it comes to goal setting you need to focus on you and not people around you, going back to comparing…don’t compare where you are in your life to others. Focus on you and your goals.  For my health goals my first goal is my eating habits, I have chosen to cut out all process foods, make sure I’m eating the rainbow 😉 I do this with my Juice Plus, simple and easy!! (yes my website;) )
I try to eat at least 5 times a day, and yes I have a day where I splurge on unhealthy yumminess!! LOL  While I work on making my eating habits a healthy goal I have incorporated small at home exercises. I do 2 variations of planks, squats and counter-top push-ups. I do this every morning while my coffee is brewing. Simple but I feel accomplished because the goals I have set for myself are obtainable. Don’t let it get you down if you fall and take a few steps back, I have plenty of time…just keep getting up and keep moving towards your goals. Never give up.

When it comes to goals there are all different levels, start small and reach big. Make your goals realistic and obtainable. Be SMART about your goals. This is the best and simplest illustration to setting goals.

Use these guidelines for all your goals, fitness, career, even relationships…although those are a little different and is a whole other blog 😉  Find someone to help you stay accountable and help support you and your goals. The best inspiration I found is making a vision board, its hanging up in my room where I can see it every day. I have a few goals that are small, some that lead to bigger goals and ones that well are private 🙂 You don’t have to share everything with everyone. Here are a few of my goals.

  1. Read one book a week
  2. Cut out all processed foods
  3. Travel once a month
  4. Pay off all debt
  5. Hike the 4 Peak Challenge
  6. Loose inches in my waist
  7. Start a retirement fund

I have a few more but there are a couple. As you can see there are small ones and big ones but every one is obtainable.

I have goals for my career and where I want to be and by when. I have a time line that I am staying focused on so I can reach a few of the goals above. I have goals for my personal relationships as well, both with friends and on a more romantic level. These goals don’t necessarily have time limit, but they do have “must have’s”. Write all your goals down, list them from small to big, celebrate when you have accomplished a goal. There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself!!

No matter what do what makes YOU HAPPY!! Do what makes you want to achieve more!!  Share your goals with someone you trust to help you! Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged if you stray off the path, just get back on and keep going! Something I enjoy more than completing my own goals is seeing others complete their goals!!!