40 Things to do after 40

This is a list that I started for myself, starting my life over at 42 and single. Some I have already done but will do again, most are new for me and will take me out of my comfort zone and that is the point to all this. This list is my “Growth List” as I have a separate “Bucket List”. You can add/change the list to fit you, and you don’t have to wait to be 40 to start this list! This isn’t just for single women but all woman, be proud of who you are, never forget to take care of yourself! Green=I’ve completed as of today, but will most likely do again πŸ™‚ Some of these items you don’t have to do alone, go with friends, significant other if you have one, or your kids. But do it for yourself first!Β IMG_2212-480x272

  1. New Bedroom Set Start Fresh, bedding, furniture, decorations. What ever you need to make it feel new to you.
  2. Learn Your Body sexually if you don’t already. We as women need to feel comfortable in our bodies. If you don’t know where to start find a Pure Romance consultant (I know a great one) if you already know your body…buy all new toys, time to start new and fresh
  3. Learn something new, learn a new language, craft…your choice
  4. Purge, clean out those closets, get rid of old and negative clutter
  5. Complement Yourself Every Morning For 30 Days Write Them Down
  6. Write Down Three Great Things That Happened To You Each Day
  7. Be Bold, stop worrying what others will think of you, or worrying about being rejected
  8. Take A Selfie With No Make Up
  9. Read a book series, find a category that is entertaining for you then set aside time each day to read.
  10. Hire Somebody To Help You Do Something That You Know You Don’t Want To Do, its OK to get help. Hire a housekeeper, someone to pick up dog poop, someone to meal prep for you, even if it’s just once. You will still be Wonder Woman even if you have help πŸ˜‰
  11. Enjoy Your Dinner Out Alone, you can make it a simple restaurant or go even bolder and dress up and go to a fancy restaurant, shoulders back head held high! Be proud
  12. Stay In Bed All Day, yes we deserve this every once in a while.
  13. Get healthy, if you aren’t yet…Fitness it doesn’t have to be extreme but this something that you need to do at least four times a week, yoga, running, hiking etc.
  14. Take some boudoir photos. Feel sexy in yourself, find a professional and pose away!!
  15. Volunteer anywhere you have a passion
  16. Give Yourself A Day Of Pampering, mani, pedi, facial, massage…
  17. Go Out On A Date With A Younger Guy lol this help boost that self-esteem (ok this I probably wont do again LOL)
  18. Take A Class, art class, cooking class, a class to help your career
  19. Change Your Hair, don’t be afraid. Its only hair and if you don’t like it you can change it back. HOWEVER always go to a professional.
  20. Pick One Fear And Conquer It, I have a few but one is heights so I will be going sky diving!
  21. Move doesn’t have to be right away, even if it’s moving it to a different neighborhood, city or even bolder a state
  22. Change Careers, if that’s an option for you. As of today that is an option!
  23. Make Dinner For Friends
  24. Go On Vacation, true vacation not just a weekend somewhere. Even if you have to plan it months in advance. Do it…and don’t be afraid to go alone. I leave 7/12/17
  25. Go To A Concert
  26. Take Day Trips
  27. Dance In The Rain
  28. Play In The Sprinklers; you see all the public grass areas with sprinklers, pull the car over and have fun!!
  29. Learn to change a tire, check oil and fluids in your car. All women should know how to do this.
  30. Help a stranger, could be as simple as helping them with their groceries,
  31. Get a tattoo, big or small but have heartfelt meaning behind it
  32. Go a museum, I know there are a few here in Phoenix I have never been to
  33. Karaoke, this one will be hard for me as I’m not a fan BUT again getting out of my comfort zone
  34. Ride a roller coaster
  35. Go to a comedy show
  36. Take a walk on the beach
  37. Take a painting class
  38. Go fishing
  39. Go camping; sleeping under the stars is amazing!
  40. Forgive, what ever or whoever is holding you down in your heart. You don’t have to physically see them or talk to them but write it down as if you were. Let it go, release the pain and negativity and let the love and light flow within you.



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