It’s ok to move on

Moving on can be the scariest and most rewarding thing you can do…you could be finding yourself at a crossroads unsure of what to do. The change that needs to happen in your life could be small or big either way it can be scary. First you have to know its OK to make changes for you, and not worry about what others with think or feel. You have to make your life yours, not anyone elses. This seems to be especially hard for moms and wives, we tend to things and conduct our lives for everyone else but ourselves. Now I’m not saying to ignore the important people in your life, but if you don’t do what makes you happy the negative will flow into every aspect of your life…job, home, friends and relationships.

One thing that has taken me 40 years to learn its to STOP WORRYING WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK OF ME. Some of my choices will make others unhappy even angry, but their actions are their responsibility not mine. I have made many choices for my life that ultimately resulted in loss of friends and even blood family members. Even though these changes didn’t affect them directly, they felt I should do what they want, say what they would say and when I finally decided to put me first their true colors came shining through. Now not all choices I have made are good ones, but if people love you they will stand by your side no matter what your decision even if they disagree with them.

I do believe that in any choice you make you should consider how it will affect the people closest to you, that’s just common curtosy…but other people should not be your final decision. Follow your heart, follow your gut, your path is your path and nobody elses.

So as I type this I am making a decision to move on, this change comes in my career. I have decided to move into the medical field. Taking the leap of faith and choosing a path that will giving me the opportunity to do more for my life and no body else. Where the position and pay is a step back, its setting me up for bigger and better things. I know God will provide for me as I continue this journey and that I need to remember not to stress about the small things.

My time in the fitness industry has been eye-opening and a blessing, the people I have met have shaped my life for the better. It opened my eyes up to how love should be and how supportive people can be and its also shown me how shallow people are and self-absorbed. With it all I am leaving the industry with a smile on my face and a confidence that I know I gave my all. I have made great friends and have made well some enemies too but I’m ok with that, something I wasn’t ok with in the past.

Moving on…its a great feeling. Moving on…is necessary in life to better yourself. Moving on to the next chapter of life. Not everyone has the same chapter, don’t compare your life to others, their experiences to yours, keep your eye on you and what makes you happy. You may have to take a step back to move forward, don’t hesitate…do it! JUMP!!

Moving on to bigger and better!!


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