My journey back home


6:30am So I decided to start this journey going back home, a small town where I grew up. Where events and people shaped me as a human. Going to go and appreciate all the wonders of the town that I truly didn’t appreciate when I was a kid. Going to relax and reflect. Going to head out here in a couple hours…I’m excited for what’s to come!

9:00am I finally it the road heading north to my home town. The drive shorter than I remembered, easy with minimal traffic. Saw the tower in Mayor that I use to think was for Rapunzel. Made my way through Prescott Valley, man this town has grown. As I roll into Prescott I stop at a little duplex I lived in while in elementary school.  I remember the closet that separated my room from my moms, that I could walk through and go from bedroom to bedroom. The home where our dog Megan that had her huge liter of puppies, where I tried to bake a cake for my mom and used the measuring cup out of the laundry soap…Yes the cake tasted like soap! Where we had our first microwave, and my mom surprised me one Christmas with my first cabbage patch doll.  This was a time where we could be home alone, when my mom worked nights she made sure I was safe and in bed by having he cops drive by, she worked dispatch for the Prescott Police Department. And of course this is the house where I saw MTV for the first time. 

I then drove by the house I lived in during high school.  Ahhh high school how I don’t miss you at all, not to say there weren’t some good times in the halls but for me these were not the best 4 years of my life. This is the house where I had my first boyfriend who yes was older than me and who my mom HATED! The house I tried to sneak out of my bedroom window into the back alley to yep, meet that boyfriend…yes I got caught; the house I threw my first house party and you guessed it, I got caught. The first house I came home late drunk and high, seeing all the light were out so my mom was still out at Matt’s Saloon…NOPE she was in side waiting for me LOL!!  The house is so much smaller than I remember, and so ruined down. Its been 26 years since I lived in this house, although there are times it feels like yesterday. 

Speaking of high school…had to pull in and sit, as I was sitting tears started flowing and just had to let it all out. So many people remember high school, all the details, the teachers, etc…I really don’t remember much. I know I didn’t do much, but I believe I also blocked out a lot on purpose for my wellbeing. I do remember I didn’t have any self confidence, didn’t have pride in myself. OH I could fake it, but deep down I was a mess. Sitting at this high school was a blessing in many ways. It showed me that I can over come, that I don’t have to live in the past and that I will always continue to grow as a person, needless to say I didn’t have a great high school experience.

Ahh the good ol’ YMCA my home away from home when I was a kid, after school and summer! Having a crush on a lifeguard named CHIP!

The baseball field where I played T-ball and softball! Hit my first home run here! GO RED HOTS!! I was even featured in the local paper. 

And of course my first elementary school when we moved here in 82 Miller Valley! Angie was my first friend and we are still friends today! I went to many elementary schools thought-out Prescott, but this is my first…I have good memories of this school. If I remember correctly after Miller Valley I went to Lincoln, and then Dexter, before heading off to Granite Mountain Junior High…

It’s a little after 12noon and I’m sitting and enjoying the weather at the court-house square and taking in what is my home town, the good and the bad. Remembering the past as it shaped me. The ups, the downs, the struggles, the disappointments, the growth. Appreciating the simpler times but never regretting leaving and exploring life. People tell me all the time “oh how wonderful it must have been to grow up in Prescott” like it’s some magical town LOL, well for me it was great as a little kid but in my teen years it was a struggle. I always had an itch to leave and see what was out in the world. 25 years later I may not have seen the world yet, I definitely have seen enough to create the woman I am today. This journey to my home town was what I needed, and I do plan to go back and share even more. My past wounds have healed and I look forward to making new memories in my hometown!!

Well my day couldn’t have ended better. Had a wonderful conversation with a new old friend 😉 and I’m looking forward to getting to know more. We walked, talked and got caught in the rain and continued to enjoy each others company. It was nice and refreshing. Headed back home with a smile and a sense of peace. 

On to the next journey…5 days with my son in San Francisco, visiting with a friend who I’ve never met in person and checking more off my Growth List!

My Why…its just the beginning

So today starts day one of my journaling. I’m choosing to do all of this to not only help myself but hopefully help other women. Throughout my journey I’m going to document my travels, my experiences, my highs, my lows and what they all mean to me and what I learned from everything. Starting over at age 42 and I find a lot of us women are doing this and we have forgotten how to love ourselves so with this journey my goal is to truly love myself and do things I never thought I would do before. There will be a blog you can follow, videos and pictures along with 40 things to do after 40!! #❤️lifesjourney I will be stepping out of my comfort zone for a lot of it, but I know that’s what’s required to grow! I’m excited and nervous to share this with everyone!! #❤️lifesjourney  #goteam #single42andfabulous!


What’s to come

So I want to share that this blog is going to be real and raw. There will be grammatical errors and spelling errors but I’m not worried about that, I just want to share and hope my experience good and bad help people. Some post will be on the spot using voice to text, some video and some pictures. I will be incorporating my social media too! I have a list of 40 things every woman should do, some I’ve already done, most I haven’t. This isn’t a bucket list but a growth list! Some things I will do alone, some with friends and some with my son. But with them all my goal is to learn and grow as a woman, person and mother. LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN!!